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  • City Cambodia Project 2017: Weeks 4 & 5

    12 Oct 2017

    On Monday we did our first training session at CSC. We taught Vin about the anatomy and physiology of the speech system. We also began to teach her about speech sound production

  • Otres Beach

    The City Cambodia Project 2017: Weeks 1 – 3

    1 Oct 2017

    Sous-dey from Cambodia! We are Caitlin and Helena and we are Speech and Language Therapists from City, University of London. We represent the cleft team as part of the City-Cambodia Project 2017. We are living and volunteering in various hospitals in Phnom Penh for the next three months.

  • The City Cambodia Project – Week 15

    4 Jan 2017

    We’re so sad to be writing our final blog post after an incredible three and a half months in Cambodia! This week was hectic as we tied up loose ends, wrote our final reports and said goodbye to this vibrant, warm and welcoming city that we have called home for the past few months.

  • Week 13 – The City Cambodia Project

    13 Dec 2016

    On Tuesday with Samnang we focused on carrying out ear training. Ear training (phonetics) is a huge part of the Speech and Language Therapy training and especially important when working with children with cleft palate.

  • The City Cambodia Project – Week 14

    12 Dec 2016

    Our training this week focused on advice and therapy for children with cleft lip and palate. Samnang requested more training in this area and particularly wanted to learn more about an approach we use called ‘multi-sensory input modelling’. This focuses on modelling sounds to children using vision, sound and touch. It will be our final day with Samnang next week so we’re keen to provide more training and advice before we leave.

  • Week 11 & 12 – The City Cambodia Project

    4 Dec 2016

    In Week 11 we celebrated Water Festival, a Cambodian holiday which marks the reversal of the flow of the Tonle Sap River and the end of the country’s rainy season.

  • The City Cambodia Project – Week 9 & 10

    21 Nov 2016

    The City Cambodia Project - Week 9 & 10; Suasday (informal hello) from Cambodia!

  • The City Cambodia Project – Week 8

    3 Nov 2016

    We met a 22-year-old female who had recently had surgery to repair her palate. She expressed how happy she was to have had surgery, after being unaware that there was a procedure to repair her cleft.

  • The City Cambodia Project 2016 – Week 7

    27 Oct 2016

    Read all about what Tamsin and Natalie are up to in Week 7 of The City Cambodia Project!

  • The City Cambodia Project – Week 6

    18 Oct 2016

    Week 6- Beginning 10th October at the Children’s Surgical Centre. We saw two patients at the cleft clinic on Tuesday. One patient was attending a follow-up.