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All the photos you’ll see on have been submitted to us by parents and people affected by cleft lip and palate in the United Kingdom. We’d like to thank each and every one of you not just for making this website possible, but for filling our photo galleries with beautiful images that can comfort and inspire families all over the world.


CLAPA’s gallery is the best resource around for seeing what children with a cleft look like from birth until after surgery. We have a large number of photos showing a wide variety of clefts, and we are updating our gallery all the time with new images.

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Teenagers & Adults

As well as images of babies and children, CLAPA is keen to develop a photo gallery featuring pictures of teenagers and adults with a cleft. These can be progression shots showing how someone has grown up, or they can be before/after photos of certain surgeries.

This gallery is still a work in progress, but with your help we hope to soon have enough images to publish.

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