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CLAPA is your charity and your community, Here, you can find out more about our plans to improve the lives of people affected by cleft throughout the UK.

CLAPA’s strategic plan for 2021-2022 is detailed below, and a PDF copy is available for download.

Image of CLAPA's 2021-22 strategy, described in text below

Download CLAPA’s Strategy 2021-22 (PDF)

A Digital Future: CLAPA’s Strategy for 2021-22

We will revolutionise our service delivery with a digital, UK-wide model to ensure everyone affected by cleft in the UK can feel informed, connected, reassured and empowered.

Aims & Objectives


Help people feel confident and in control of the cleft care pathway by providing clear, accessible information led by the needs and experiences of the UK cleft community and backed by the latest research.

  • Redevelop our website into a vibrant hub for the UK cleft community to ensure every visitor can easily find the information and support they need.

  • Rebuild our information service with a digital focus and expanded it to keep pace with the challenges the cleft community may face in the future.


Tackle isolation by providing people affected by cleft with opportunities to connect and to form supportive communities in a way that suits their needs at a given time, both locally and UK-wide.

  • Build on our world-leading social media presence to reach and connect everyone in the UK affected by cleft.
  • Create a programme of inclusive, engaging and varied online events that proactively meet the community’s existing and emerging needs.


Be there for the cleft community at every stage of their journey by providing personalised support and advocacy where appropriate.

  • Develop our one-to-one support services to help those who need guidance and support from others to navigate their cleft pathway and feel less isolated.


Support people to have an impact on care by establishing ourselves as the leading voice of people affected by cleft across the UK.

  • Formalise and develop our collaborative approach to community involvement in research
  • Provide opportunities for the cleft community to share their experiences and impact the future of cleft treatment and support services.


Fund CLAPA’s future by securing a diverse range of income streams.

  • Create virtual fundraising challenges and campaigns as part of a redeveloped fundraising calendar.
  • Develop our legacy giving programme.
  • Encourage an ongoing investment in CLAPA’s future from the cleft community and funders by perfecting how we measure and report on the impact of our vital work.
  • Build a sustainable, community-driven income stream by expanding our regular giving programme.

Our Principles


We will develop flexible and scalable services to ensure we can respond to the needs of the cleft community now and in the future.


The safeguarding of everyone involved with CLAPA will remain our top priority.


The cleft community will be involved in service design and delivery wherever possible.

Accessible & Inclusive

Our services will be inviting and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and identities whose life has been affected by cleft in the UK.

The Feeding Service

As long as the cleft community needs CLAPA to supply specialist feeding equipment, we will continue to deliver and develop our feeding service.

Previous Strategies

Download CLAPA’s Strategy 2018-21 (PDF)

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