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Laura Ainsworth
 Adult Services Coordinator
Tel: 020 7833 4883
Email: [email protected]


CLAPA is committed to safeguarding the people of all ages and backgrounds who use our services. Click to find out more about how we make safeguarding a priority.

  • Adult Services Project

    This three-year project aims to investigate the needs and experiences of adults born with a cleft in the UK, and put together a programme of support services. Find out more and get involved today!

  • Talk To Another Adult

    Get in touch to be matched up with one of CLAPA’s trained adult volunteers who can give you one-to-one support over the phone or email.

  • NHS Treatment

    Get an overview of NHS Cleft Services available to adults of any age, including advice on getting back into treatment.

  • Your Stories

    Read stories and interviews from other adults born with a cleft. You can also submit your own!

  • Private & Non Cleft Team Services

    Thinking about private treatment? Check out our list of things to consider and look out for when finding a practitioner.

  • Connect on Facebook

    Join over 2,000 UK adults born with a cleft on the largest Facebook group of its kind.