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    Kayleigh’s Story: an update!

    21 Mar 2020

    Though my first thoughts when I found out about Sydney having a cleft were very mixed, I now couldn’t be any prouder if I tried. I had nothing to worry about, my little girl is amazing, she’s full of sass and confidence and I hope she stays this way!

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    Research Opportunity: People with Nasal Speech

    18 Mar 2020

    A Speech and Language Therapist with Salisbury Cleft Team is helping to produce and evaluate a device called a 'nasal obturator' which is designed to help people with nasal speech.

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    Izzie’s Story

    12 Mar 2020

    Keen gymnast Izzie decided to take on a 'Three Giants' challenge a few months ago to raise money for CLAPA! She raised an incredible £280 and we are so inspired by her determination. Here’s her story.

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    VACANCY: Adult Services Coordinator

    12 Mar 2020

    CLAPA is looking for an Adult Services Coordinator to help develop and deliver a programme of support services for adults born with a cleft lip and/or palate across the United Kingdom.

  • Coming soon: our new adults’ Leaver’s Pack!

    27 Jan 2020

    Exciting news! Over the past 10 months our Adult Services team has been very busy putting together a Leaver’s Pack for adults born with a cleft and now the pack is on trial with selected Cleft Teams across the UK!

  • Statement Regarding the Sentencing of Danny Tetley

    24 Jan 2020

    A statement regarding the recent sentencing of Danny Tetley.

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    Anneka and Aria’s story

    13 Jan 2020

    Anneka's daughter Aria was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome. Now that Aria is two years old, Anneka reflects on their journey and has a strong message for other parents: 'please know it gets better'.

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    Wendy Williams Mocks Cleft on Talk Show

    10 Jan 2020

    The Cleft Lip and Palate Association (CLAPA) was shocked and sickened to see the recent clip of US talk show host Wendy Williams mocking the appearance of people born with a cleft lip earlier this week. We are calling on Wendy Williams to educate herself and apologise on her show in an effort to undoing some of the damage she has caused.

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    Joanna and Harry’s story

    2 Dec 2019

    Joanna's son Harry was diagnosed with a Cleft Lip and Palate when she was pregnant in 2009. Joanna recently got in touch with CLAPA to share their story, and looks back at Harry's resilience and determination over the years. She says, 'He knows he’s not alone. He knows he’s in the 1 in 700 club!'

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    Hollie-Grace’s Story

    25 Nov 2019

    After experiencing terrible bullying at her old school, Hollie-Grace discovered a love for running which has boosted her confidence and self-belief. She hopes to encourage others to believe in themselves and know they can achieve anything, regardless of their differences. Hollie-Grace's mum, Nikki, kindly shared her story with CLAPA following an interview on ITV news.