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CLAPA is keen to raise awareness of issues surrounding cleft lip and palate in the UK, and we are happy to work with the press and other agencies to ensure the views and needs of people affected by cleft are represented in the media.

We are able to provide information, statistics and tips for writing about cleft, as well as spokespeople and members of the cleft community for interviews.

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Press contacts

Anna Martindale
Head of Impact
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Information and Statistics


You are free to use any of the information about cleft lip and palate found on our website for media purposes, but please link back and/or cite us in any publications. See below for images and stories.

Media Guidelines & Notes for Editors

For general information on CLAPA, cleft lip and palate and how to write about it in an article, see our media guidelines and ‘Notes for Editors’ document.

Language Guide

This guide for staff and volunteers explains in more detail the terms we use when talking about cleft and why.

Language Guide (Full)

Survey Reports

CLAPA runs regular surveys on our membership on a wide range of topics, and the statistics from these surveys are freely available as long as CLAPA is cited as the source. Visit our surveys page to find out more and download reports.

Find a Spokesperson

CLAPA has many families, young people and adults affected by cleft from all over the UK who would be willing to appear in news items, whether in print or broadcast. If you would like us to find a suitable case study, please get in touch stating the nature of the piece you are working on and your exact requirements. While we can make no guarantees, we will do everything we can to find someone to represent the cleft community in your story.

While CLAPA staff are not medically trained, we work with networks of research and health professionals who we can contact on your behalf to appear in or comment on news items.

Stories and photos

If you are a journalist looking for a local or national case study, please get in touch using the above details, and we will be happy to find a family or adult on your behalf.

On our website, we have a number of existing case studies, personal stories and photos of a variety of people affected by cleft lip and palate from all around the UK. These are provided to us directly by the subjects of the stories or photos, and if you would like to use these, we will have to get in touch with the people in them to request permission.

We can do this in certain circumstances but are unlikely to do so for use in non-UK publications or presentations or for any purposes which we do not believe directly contribute to the wellbeing of people affected by cleft in the UK.

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