Find information about cleft lip and palate treatment in the UK, including top tips from our community.

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In this section you’ll find all of CLAPA’s most up-to-date information about cleft treatment in the UK.

Topics and treatments are divided up according to age ranges. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can search our site, or get in touch to let us know.

  • Treatment Timeline

    An overview of what to expect and what's available from CLAPA and the NHS, from diagnosis right through to adulthood.

  • Photo Gallery

    Browse hundreds of photos of babies, children and adults at all stages of treatment.

  • Diagnosis & Birth

    What does a cleft diagnosis mean and what happens next?

  • Feeding

    Information on how a cleft can affect feeding, and what you can do to help.

  • Repair Surgery

    Tips and advice from other parents on coping with your child's first surgery.

  • Early Years (1-4)

    Information on hearing, speech and dental health as your child grows up.

  • School Years (5-12)

    Helping your child succeed in school and beyond, including coping with the Alveolar Bone Graft.

  • Members of the CYPC.


    Information and advice for teenagers born with a cleft about coping with a cleft and treatment, including orthodontics and jaw surgery.

  • Adults

    Help for adults looking to get back into treatment, including what's available on the NHS and where to find further support.

  • Research

    The past decade has seen a huge increase in research projects around cleft lip and palate. Find out about recent breakthroughs and how to get involved here.

  • What is a Cleft?

    A basic overview of cleft lip and palate.

  • What Causes a Cleft?

    There's no single cause of cleft, but this page gives more information on contributing factors and statistics.

  • Pierre Robin Sequence

    Around 50 babies are born with PRS each year in the UK, and most will have a cleft palate.

  • A woman with Van Der Woude Syndrome at 21 years old

    Other Syndromes

    Around 15-30% of the time, a cleft is caused by a syndrome which may have other symptoms, such as Stickler, DiGeorge and PRS.

  • NHS Cleft Teams

    Find out more about the NHS Cleft Teams and get details of your local hospital or clinic.

  • Videos

    Check out our selection of videos covering everything from diagnosis to adult surgery.

  • Your Stories

    Read stories and interviews from parents, teenagers and adults affected by cleft lip and palate.

  • arts and crafts

    Other Resources

    Links to other organisations and resources you may find helpful.