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CLAPA’s children and young people’s service aims to create opportunities for young people to connect and make friends, become more confident and feel more positive about their cleft.

On these pages there are also lots of stories and videos to read and watch! You can find out about events that are coming up and learn about CLAPA’s Children and Young People’s Council (CYPC), who help to influence CLAPA’s work and are a voice for young people born with a cleft.

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‘To Others Like Me’

We asked some of our amazing Children and Young People’s Council members what they would say to other young people who were born with a cleft, and this video brings all of their powerful advice together in one place. Lucy, Stephy, Aleisha, Cerys, Claudia, Will and Izzy want other young people to be proud of their cleft and to know they aren’t alone. They say, ‘just focus on you’, ‘you will learn to love your cleft’, and ‘it’s ok to ask for help if you need it’.

You can also watch more videos made by other young people on our videos page below!

Celebrating Difference

Below, our Children and Young People’s Council members answer this question: ‘What would a world which truly celebrated difference look like to you?’ They imagine a kinder society without judgement, and talk about coping with comments and questions. Click to see what they had to say!



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CLAPA is committed to safeguarding the people of all ages and backgrounds who use our services. Click to find out more about how we make safeguarding a priority.

To learn more about our Children and Young People’s services, please contact Claire Evans, CLAPA’s Children and Young People Services Coordinator, at [email protected]

  • Videos

    Videos and media created by young people born with a cleft.

  • Treatment and Surgery

    Find information on cleft treatment and get advice about coping with everything from braces to surgery in our 'Teenagers' treatment section.

  • Events

    Meet other young people born with a cleft, increase your confidence and find your community at one of our events.

  • Your Stories

    Read stories from other young people born with a cleft about their experiences. Submissions are always open if you'd like to share your own story!

  • Children & Young People's Council

    The CYPC is a group of 9-17 year olds born with a cleft from all around the UK. They meet regularly to help CLAPA improve services and better support young people in our community.

  • Other Resources

    We know that we might not always be able to provide you with the support or help that you need, so here are some other organisations that might be able to help.

CLAPA is committed to safeguarding the welfare of everyone who accesses our services, and has strict policies and procedures in place to protect under 18s.

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