CLAPA’s events are a way to help the cleft community connect with each other, share experiences, and find support and information.

The majority of our events are led by volunteers with personal experience of cleft lip and palate. Events are designed to support families and individuals at different stages of their cleft journey. If you have any suggestions for future events, please get in touch.

Some events are run by professionals within NHS cleft teams and are designed to support the information and services provided by local cleft teams.

We also have events that are themed around specific skills or activities which are led by professionals in that field. For example virtual massage sessions.

We are currently running a mini-course where a series of sessions deliver specific content. This is currently being trialed with our Baby Sign sessions and if successful may be used to deliver further content.

Access Needs

We want our online events to be inclusive to everyone in the CLAPA Community. If you have any access needs which our online events do not currently meet, please let us know and we will do everything we can to make sure you are able to attend. You can use the contact details on the event page, or contact us directly.

You may find our information about joining virtual events useful.

Joining the Conversation

Our online events aim to be safe spaces where members of the UK cleft community can share their experiences and ask questions with others. However, attendees are also welcome to come along and just listen in if they feel more comfortable doing so. Everyone is welcome to turn off their video and/or microphone at any point.

If there is something you would like to contribute but would rather not say out loud, you can message the event host using the chat function on Zoom. If you would like to remain anonymous, please say so in your message.

Raising an issue

Most of our online events are led by CLAPA volunteers, with a CLAPA staff member or volunteer Facilitator in attendance to make sure things run smoothly and to keep everyone safe. If at any point during the event you have a question, feel uncomfortable, or want to raise an issue, the session leaders will be happy to help. You can send them a private message using the Zoom function and they will then discuss the most appropriate way forward with you.


We take the safety and wellbeing of everyone who uses our services very seriously. This is the reason for many of the extra precautions we take during events, such as asking people to display their names on Zoom or asking a parent/carer to ‘drop off’ their child at the start of events. By following the instructions we give for joining events, and by reporting anything you think may be wrong, you’re helping us keep everyone safe.

As part of our commitment to safeguarding, there may be times when we have a responsibility to report concerns to local safeguarding bodies or authorities like the police. We will always explain this first unless we believe doing so would put someone at risk of harm. Read more.

Giving feedback

Your feedback directly shapes the events we organise. Whether you loved an event or thought we could do better, we want to hear from you.

Please help us improve by completing any feedback forms you’re sent after the event, or by letting us know directly by emailing [email protected] or filling in our contact form if you’d rather do this anonymously.

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Upcoming Events

  • A dark blue background with a pale blue wave and screenshot of a Zoom screen showing different parents and carers smiling and making signs. White text reads 'Baby Sign Mini Course'

    Baby Sign Mini Course

    We are delighted to launch our third Baby Sign Mini Course, which begins on Saturday 8th January!

  • A dark pink background with turquoise circles and a graphic of a laptop with a screenshot of a Zoom screen showing parents and carers talking on Zoom. White text reads 'CLAPA Coffee Club'

    Coffee Club: Feeding, Weaning and Bottles

    Join us at our Coffee Club on the topic of 'Feeding, Weaning and Bottles' on Monday 10th January at 7pm. You'll hear from other parents and carers, and you'll be able to ask questions and share your experiences and concerns with others.

  • A boy is standing in front of a sign saying 'Merry Christmas' and is holding a small red present, next to a man dressed in a Santa costume and a woman dressed up in a red dress with a white trim.

    Family Fun: Gingerbread Making

    Just before Christmas, on Wednesday 22nd December, volunteer Nadine will be showing us how to make gingerbread for Santa.

  • A dark blue background with a turquoise wave and text reading 'Employment Webinar: Rights at Work', 'Wednesday 12th January at 7.30pm' next to a circular photo of a man talking.

    Employment Webinar: Rights at Work

    At the final instalment of our Employment Webinar series, you'll hear from trained CLAPA volunteers about 'Rights at Work' and gain tips and guidance to increase your confidence on your employment journey.

  • A pale blue background with pink text reading 'CLAPA Cafe'. In smaller text below 'Saturday 15th January @ 10am on Zoom' To the right are two circular photos of young adults smiling at the camera above a dark pink wave.

    CLAPA Café: Self Esteem and Confidence

    On Saturday 15th January we're back with another CLAPA Café session for adults under 25. Head onto Zoom at 10am for a discussion on 'Self Esteem and Confidence' in a friendly and safe space.

  • A dark pink background with turquoise circles and a graphic of a laptop with a screenshot of a Zoom screen showing parents and carers talking on Zoom. White text reads 'CLAPA Coffee Club'

    Coffee Club: Dealing with Diagnosis

    On Tuesday 18th January at 7pm, we're launching the first of our regular and highly anticipated Coffee Clubs on the topic of 'Dealing with Diagnosis'. Meet other parents and carers and share your experiences and feelings around diagnosis in a friendly and non-judgemental setting.

  • A pale blue background with a dark blue wave and white text reading 'Audiology Q & A'. Below text reads '18th January @ 7pm on Zoom' next to an icon of an ear

    Q & A: Audiology

    We're excited to announce our first live event of 2022: a Q & A on the topic of 'Audiology' on Tuesday 18th January at 7pm. You'll hear from experts in cleft and hearing, who will share their knowledge and answer your questions at the end of the session.

  • Keeping Young People Safe at Online Events

    Find out more about how our safeguarding team works to keep children and young people safe at CLAPA events.

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