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  • Survey: 16-18 Year Olds With a Cleft

    12 Oct 2017

    Get a free £10 Amazon Voucher when you take part in this short questionnaire about your experiences of being born with a cleft lip and palate! Matthew is a researcher looking into resilience and how to help young people like you cope better with any challenges they face growing up.

  • Transition Stages – Research

    21 Aug 2017

    My name is Katharine and I am a PhD student at Kingston Uni. I am currently running a research study about resilience for children who look different because of a cleft lip or palate, and who are beginning secondary school in September 2017. My interest in research developed because of my work with children in education. I hope that this research will enhance our understanding of some of the challenges a child faces, especially starting secondary school. and promote self-worth.

  • Research participants needed – orthognathic surgery

    10 Jul 2017

    WERE YOU BORN WITH A CLEFT LIP/PALATE? Research participants needed… to share their experiences of deciding whether or not to have corrective jaw (orthognathic) surgery.

  • Is Your Child Starting Secondary School this Year?

    5 Jul 2017

    A new in-depth study will follow a number of young people born with a cleft throughout their first year of Secondary School to look at how they adapt to the challenges of being in a new environment like this. The results could help the NHS and charities like CLAPA better support young people at this time in their lives.

  • Grandparents in Scotland Wanted for New Research Project

    24 May 2017

    Do you have a grandchild with cleft lip and/or palate? Do you live in Scotland? If so, we want to hear from you!

  • Surgery and Anaesthesia Focus Groups

    13 Mar 2017

    Surgery and anaesthesia are only performed when it is decided that the benefits are greater than the risks. Labratory and clinical research has shown that the addition of Xenon, a rare anaesthetic gas, may improve anaesthesia for young children.

  • Research Opportunity – PEG Feeding Tubes

    15 Feb 2017

    Are you a patient or a caregiver for someone using PEG feeding tubes? £100 incentive for 90 minute in home interviews for people with or providing care for someone using PEG Feeding Tubes.

  • Research: decision making in cleft lip and/or palate treatment

    25 Jan 2017

    Would you be interested in taking part in research into decision making in cleft lip and/or palate treatment?

  • Speech Processing Research

    11 Nov 2016

    We're looking for people to contribute to a new study, run by Lucy Southby at the University of Bristol, looking at speech processing skills in children born with a cleft palate, to see how it relates to how their speech sounds.

  • Teachers wanted for cleft lip and palate research study

    4 Nov 2016

    Pre-school, primary school and secondary school teachers with experience of teaching young people with cleft lip and palate are being invited to participate in a research study.