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    CLAPA in Lockdown: 6 Months On

    23 Sep 2020

    6 months on from lockdown, we look back at what we've achieved thanks to the support of our incredible CLAPA Community.

  • Summer Survey 2020: The Results

    21 Sep 2020

    In July, we launched our 2020 Summer Survey which asked respondents about their general cleft-related concerns over the past few months, their experiences of remote cleft care, and finally about how we could support them both now and in the future. Since August, the results of this survey have been guiding our work and we're continuing to put plans in place to tackle some of the issues you've raised. In this report, we want to share some of these results and our plans with you.

  • A parent’s experience of a late cleft palate diagnosis

    3 Sep 2020

    Adapting to the unique challenges of having a baby with a cleft palate can be stressful for any parent or carer. But how does it feel to cope with these challenges if they can't be explained? These days, most cleft palates are spotted within 48 hours of birth, so families can get the specialist support they need right away. But, for Mandy, getting a diagnosis for her son took five years.

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    Rob’s Marathon for CLAPA

    3 Sep 2020

    Over the years, Rob and his wife have received support from CLAPA throughout their son's cleft journey. Rob decided he wanted to give something back and planned to run the Edinburgh marathon this year. After this was postponed due to Coronavirus, he was undeterred! He organised his very own challenge, running the Isle of Wight marathon route with some friends and helpers, and has managed to raise a remarkable £1,000 for CLAPA!

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    New Guidelines for Sonographers Published

    25 Aug 2020

    For the first time, sonographers will be trained to use specific words and phrases to be used when explaining unexpected news to expectant parents in the UK.

  • CLAPA’s Superhero Challenge

    24 Aug 2020

    Calling all budding artists, creators, drawers and colour-in-ers – we have a challenge for you! With this step-by-step video, kindly created by comic artist Andrew (@cartoonisidrew on social media), we are challenging you to draw your very own cartoon superhero!

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    Laura and Mark’s Cycle for CLAPA

    21 Aug 2020

    Laura and Mark wanted to do something for their godsons, Isaac and Jacob, who were both born with a cleft. The couple decided to put their leisurely lockdown bike rides to the test with a huge 362km cycle ride challenge, raising an incredible £3,045 for CLAPA in the process! We caught up with them to say a huge thank you and to find out more.

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    Research Opportunity: Parents of babies born in lockdown

    18 Aug 2020

    Was your baby born with a cleft lip in the period just before or during the UK Lockdown? Researchers at the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) would like to hear from you!

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    Research Summary: Physical Wellbeing in Adults Born with a Cleft

    6 Aug 2020

    CLAPA's 'Whole of Life' survey in 2018 asked adults born with a cleft from all over the UK about their experiences, including their physical wellbeing. This paper looks at the results of this survey in detail and considers what they might mean for the future of our community.

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    Research Opportunity: ‘ACT It Out’ app for adults ready for testing

    22 Jul 2020

    'ACT It Out' is a prototype app designed to help adults (18+) who have any different or unusual appearance live a fulfilling life by doing more of what matters to you and reducing the impact of appearance concerns. It's now ready for testing - could you help by giving your views?