Kirsty’s Story

February 1, 2018

It can be hard to know what to expect when your child is waiting for surgery. Kirsty got in touch to share her experiences with her son, and explain what’s changed for them.

My son was born 12th July 2017, weighing 5lb 12oz .He was born with cleft lip (which we new he would have from 12 weeks). He was only on 2oz every 2-3 hours from when he came into this world. 1 week later he managed to get up to 5oz every 3 hours.

After he lots of attention and pictures, it was soon time for his op! He went into theatre for 1 hour and was in recovery for half an hour. When I went to pick him up he looked totally different but still gorgeous as he was before.

For the first couple of feeds, he only wanted 2-3oz, and he just wanted to sleep. It was probably because of all the anesthetic, because he was still coming round. The day after that and following he went back up to 5oz every 3 hours.

Two days later we got to go home, and to share him with everyone all over again!  After his operation, he was drinking his bottles within 15 mins! It was so different, it used to take him up to half an hour to feed!

It may seem daft to say, but he seemed so much more content after his operation than before! Were are now nearly 3 months past his operation now… time has gone so so quickly! He’s healed perfectly! These doctors are amazing at what they do, don’t you think?

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