CLAPA is the only national charity dedicated to improving the lives of people born with a cleft and their families in the United Kingdom. We get no government funding and rely on donations from people like you to keep going.

“When my Sonographer told me about my baby’s cleft I was devestated. Soon after, I found CLAPA who introduced me to a whole new community of smiles and support. The experience has been amazing.”- Parent of a child born with a cleft

CLAPA needs your help now more than ever – find out more about why your support is so important to us this year.

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    From mufti days to marathons, our friendly fundraising team are on hand to help you support CLAPA however you can.

  • Paying in Money

    How to donate to CLAPA or pay in fundraising money by cheque or bank transfer.

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    Whether you're shopping online or having a clear-out, there are many different ways to support CLAPA every day!

  • Ask Your Workplace

    As a small charity, partnering up with companies can make a huge difference to what we can achieve each year. Find out more about what you can do to help.