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  • Rachael’s Story

    13 May 2022

    Rachael's daughter Anya was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Rachael reflects on their journey over the past year from diagnosis to lip repair surgery.

  • Stacey's little boy

    Stacey’s Story

    4 May 2022

    I'm Stacey, and I was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. As a young girl, I was confident and happy, but when I got to secondary school, I was bullied about my appearance, and my self-esteem was low.

  • Miguel celebrating his 3rd Smile-versary in February 2022!

    Natasha’s Story

    4 May 2022

    Natasha's son was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, and she shared Miguel's journey so far from surgery to speech therapy.

  • A baby asleep in a photo studio, leaning on rainbow blocks, wearing a cream dress with a cream background.

    Eva’s Story

    7 Apr 2022

    In February 2021, we headed off for our 20-week scan. We were so happy to be told we were expecting another girl, but a lot of silence soon followed, and the sonographer said, “I suspect little one may have a cleft lip.”

  • A baby sitting in a swing in a park wearing blue

    Brooklyn’s Story

    29 Mar 2022

    I remember going for my first scan; I was so excited to see my teeny little baby on the screen, but little did I know I would be told my baby would be born with a cleft lip and potentially a cleft palate too.

  • A baby sleeping, covered by a blue, cream and brown knitted blanket

    Emma’s Poem for Sully

    25 Mar 2022

    Emma has written a beautiful poem for her son Sully, who was diagnosed at 20 weeks with a cleft. We caught up with her and how they are finding the journey so far.

  • A young boy wearing a blue coat and wellies, stood on a path by grass.

    Benjamin’s Story

    25 Mar 2022

    Michelle's son Benjamin was born with a cleft palate. Michelle reflects on their journey so far, from diagnosis to surgery, and the challenges they overcame.

  • A baby in a white sailor shirt looks at the camera and sits on a blanket patterned with elephants

    Ashleigh, Brad and Arthur’s Story

    17 Dec 2021

    From diagnosis to lip repair surgery and raising £2,500 for CLAPA, Ashleigh reflects on Arthur's cleft journey so far and hopes for a world where more people are cleft aware.

  • A woman holds a smiling baby while crouched down in a playground

    Rebecca and Nina’s Story

    2 Sep 2021

    Any parent or carer in the cleft community will have vivid memories of their child’s cleft surgeries, as well as all the worries that these bring. One year on from her daughter’s cleft palate repair surgery, Rebecca remembers the lead up to the operation as well as the unique stresses brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Black and white photo of a baby with a unilateral cleft lip, flying on a furry blanket and wearing a white shirt and suspenders.

    Rebecca, Darren and Mason’s story

    26 Mar 2021

    Throughout their son's cleft journey so far, Rebecca and Darren have received support from CLAPA, as well as healthcare professionals and their family and friends. They wanted to give back and recently set up a Facebook Fundraiser to support our work, raising a phenomenal £1035! Here’s their story.