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  • South Wales Branch | Volunteering Stories |

    The Local CLAPA Community

    5 Jun 2016

    To us, volunteering isn’t just about what people can do to help CLAPA and their local cleft community, it’s about making sure that you get just as much out of it as you put in. We want our volunteers to learn new skills, grow their confidence, and make friends and connections with people all across the country. This is what Sian from Caerphilly did when she joined the South Wales Branch.

  • Volunteering Stories | Your Stories |

    Volunteering at a Residential Weekend

    4 Jun 2016

    "I came to CLAPA with no prior experience of clefts, only facts from university textbooks. I had written my dissertation on the prevalence, assessment, treatment and the effects of clefts, but I had never seen one with my own eyes."

  • North East Branch | Volunteering Stories |

    #VolunteersWeek does #FundraisingFriday

    3 Jun 2016

    It’s #FundraisingFriday, and today for Volunteers Week we’re looking at the North East and Cumbria Branch which is the newest addition to our Branch Network. The Branch is chaired by Lucy Stothard who first organised a Sponsored Walk in Newcastle in 2014.

  • Volunteering Opportunities | Volunteering Stories | Your Stories |

    National Volunteers Week

    1 Jun 2016

    June 1-12 is National Volunteers Week, celebrating the people that allow charities like CLAPA to keep working hard all over the UK.

  • Thank You!

    17 May 2016

    May 7th – 14th saw a very special Awareness Week taking over our website and social media feeds, just as CLAPA t-shirts and banners took over parks and cities all over the UK!

  • Parent Stories | Your Stories |

    Amanda and Amy’s Story

    11 May 2016

    It was a complete shock to us as anomaly scans were not available then and I felt to be honest, extremely isolated and lonely as I really didn’t have any support from anyone except the hospital staff and of course my family and friends at that time. It also felt really scary.

  • What can YOU do this week?

    8 May 2016

    It's the second day of Awareness Week, and we're keeping the momentum going by setting you another challenge for the rest of the week.

  • Welcome to Awareness Week!

    7 May 2016

    It's the first day of Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Week! We'll be setting you a new challenge every day to help spread the word - find out more inside!

  • What have we been up to in Scotland?

    26 Apr 2016

  • Fundraising: Community |

    Sponsored Walks 2016

    30 Mar 2016

    This year's Awareness Week runs from 7th-14th May, but Sponsored Walks take place during the entire month. Find your local Sponsored Walk and sign up here!