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  • Awareness Week 2018: Jenny’s Story

    12 May 2018

    “I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her.” Find out more about how cleft lip and palate affects adults, and what CLAPA is doing to help.

  • Awareness Week 2018: Roannah’s Story

    11 May 2018

    Phoebe's cleft lip and palate has never really much of a problem for her - she has embraced all that she was born with, and has pursued her love of drama and the performing arts since the age of 7. 

  • Awareness Week 2018: Katie’s Story

    8 May 2018

    "One of the toughest things about having a child with cleft is knowing that when they are under one year old you will have to take them into a hospital to have surgery. They will have to have general anaesthetic, to endure hours on the operating table..[i]t is a real challenge for you as a new parent, and something that we wouldn’t wish on anyone."

  • Awareness Week 2018: Hannah’s Story

    7 May 2018

    In the corner of the room with all the machines of tiny babies beeping, the nurses chatting in the background, the only people in the room are me and my amazing little boy.

  • Awareness Week 2018: Louise’s Story

    4 May 2018

    My husband and close family were amazing and were such a good support network, but nothing could help with my worrying. I hated my pregnancy, hated everything about it. I couldn't get excited about anything...I was very worried what others were going to think and whether they would blame us. I couldn’t tell anyone how I truly felt as I didn't think anyone understood.

  • Keeley’s Story

    4 Apr 2018

    As soon as I was born I was whisked away from my parents...I had something “wrong” with my lip. My dad (who had himself been born with a cleft lip in 1955) asked if I had a cleft lip. The nurse nodded and my dad just asked if he could hold me. The nurse noticed my dad’s scars and realised he understood exactly what was going on.

  • #FundraisingFriday: Sharleen’s Fundraising Story

    4 Apr 2018

    Sharleen took part in an amazing sponsored Skydive for CLAPA, to say thank you for the support her younger brother received after being born with a cleft. She got in touch to tell us her #FundraisingFriday story.

  • Viktoria’s Story

    14 Mar 2018

    I was bullied at primary school and the other students would tease me about my cleft, or ask lots of questions. As I got older, I learned not to take it personally and overcame other people’s reactions. I started to see it as curiosity as I became more comfortable in my own skin.

  • Dave Z’s Story

    8 Mar 2018

    My name is Dave Z. I was recently asked by the Cleft Lip & Palate association (CLAPA) to share my story about growing up and dealing with the issues surrounding the condition. At first I was unsure whether to go for it as its not something I usually talk about, If anything I try to avoid thinking about it.

  • Kirsty’s Story

    1 Feb 2018

    It can be hard to know what to expect when your child is waiting for surgery. Kirsty got in touch to share her experience with her son, and explain what's changed for them.