“Sometimes it is just nice to know you are not alone.”

June 13, 2018

One mum got in touch with CLAPA to share the story of her and her baby’s diagnosis, and to highlight the importance of knowing you’re not alone when you or a loved one is affected by cleft.

When my daughter was born we were told everything was perfect. I attempted to breastfeed for a day with no luck. Then the nurse came round to do the newborn check for us and I was told she had a cleft palate.

In my very delicate state, I broke down. It was thanks to the dedicated cleft team that I managed to come to terms with the diagnosis.

Sometimes it is just nice to know you are not alone.

My daughter is now nearly 3-years-old and has so far had her first operation and is waiting for a date for her second.
She is a very confident and chatty kid, which can be difficult for her when her speech is far from perfect. Many people wouldn’t understand, seeing as you can’t physically see the problem.

We have been to a few CLAPA events now, and even raised money for the charity ourselves last year.

Sometimes it is just nice to know you are not alone.


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