Susan’s Fundraising Story

April 20, 2023

Susan Casey and her family raised an amazing £4085.03 for CLAPA with a series of fundraising initiatives. We caught up with Susan, who shared her story and reason for fundraising.

“As a family, we first decided to raise funds when we were informed that Robert would be born with a cleft and introduced to CLAPA; we realised this charity is none funded and felt we needed to help.

Catharine in the photo is Robert’s mam; at the age of 31, he is her first child together with his Dad, Luke, who was also born with the same cleft 30 years ago.

To raise money to get us started, we bought alcohol as it was almost Christmas and did a lotto bonus ball to win it; we also did a few football cards for cash prizes.

We then decided to hold a charity night and began asking local businesses for help with prizes, and they didn’t disappoint. The sponsor of Sunderland football club, Spreadex, gave six VIP tickets to watch a match, meet the manager, visit changing rooms, etc., and a three-course meal.

The tickets were separated, and bonus balled a set of four, and the other two went into a raffle on the charity night; we had almost 60 prizes, Beamish, Alnwick Castle, Hair salons, restaurants, play areas, laser quest/Escape rooms to name a few, we also had Tombola on the night with donated prizes, we did a bingo game and football card on the night too, all in all raising £4085.03

We plan to raise more in the coming months with football cards for cash or prizes; two family members, ages four and six, are also doing the mini Great North Run to raise more money for CLAPA.

As a family, we loved raising this amount of money as our aim was £1000 to start, but because of the amazing prizes donated, the number of raffle tickets sold in the build-up, and the night of the charity fundraiser was amazing.

We also have a collection bucket in a local shop and plan to ask other stores if they would like to help by having a collection.

Every little helps; it’s surprising how it all adds up and is well worth the effort.”

Thank you all for your kind donations.

The Cleft Lip and Palate Association (CLAPA) is the only national charity supporting people affected by cleft lip and palate in the United Kingdom.

We receive no government or NHS funding; our work is only possible thanks to people like you stepping up to fundraise and volunteer.

By getting involved with fundraising or volunteering, you’ll be helping to ensure we can support families like yours for years to come.