Grace’s Fundraising Story

August 17, 2023

Congratulations to Grace, who raised £340 by completing the Great North 10k. We caught up with Grace about her inspiration to fundraise for CLAPA.

“As a sister of an amazing girl who was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, CLAPA has supported my sister and my whole family.

Not only have they helped when she was young, but also this past year throughout her huge operation and have given other support, which was really helpful due to her having a tough time in school.

My decision to run was to thank CLAPA for the amazing work they have done for me and my family in the hope that it will help them provide help to another who needs it as we did.

I chose to run the Great North 10k, signing up for the run in January of 2023 after receiving a letter from CLAPA asking for help with donations.

I have only run the 10k; however, I am looking for more to do on behalf of CLAPA. My fundraising experience was great. It was easy to set up, and it was a great success.

I set my target for £100, not sure whether I would be able to reach my goal; however, I was really overwhelmed with support and received £340. I chose to raise money through Just Giving, and it was very easy to manage and was nice to receive lovely messages from supporters.

I would tell people they should go for it! It really spurred me on in my training as it made me have a goal, and the reminders that I was running for a cause helped me a lot to run more often.

The run filled me with great satisfaction, knowing I had set a physical goal for myself, and in the process, I had been able to help others too.

It was great to run over the finish line and realise what my success could do to help others. As a sister of a young girl with a cleft, I have seen firsthand the massive help CLAPA can give to the whole family, and it made me glad that I could help.”

Thank you so much, Grace! If you feel inspired, learn more about fundraising today!