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  • Abi’s Story

    8 Nov 2023

    Well done to Abi, who raised over £850 by completing the Cardiff Marathon. We caught up with Abi about her inspiration for fundraising for CLAPA.

  • Overseas Events

    24 Oct 2023

  • Jenkins Dental Complete the Bath Half Marathon

    18 Oct 2023

    Congratulations to the Jenkins Dental team ( Chris, Mark, Charles, Liza, Charlotte, and Tracy) who completed the Bath Half Marathon, raising £1,70 plus £368.64 Gift Aid.

  • Grace’s Fundraising Story

    17 Aug 2023

    Congratulations to Grace, who raised £340 by completing the Great North 10k. We caught up with Grace about her inspiration to fundraise for CLAPA.

  • John’s Fundraising Story

    9 Aug 2023

    John took part in the Lakeland 50-mile run, raising a fabulous £1,110 so far for CLAPA. We caught up with John about his fundraising journey.

  • Jamie’s Story

    26 Sep 2022

    The news that our unborn child had a cleft lip and possibly a cleft palate was the scariest day of our pregnancy. We had no idea what it would mean for Charlie once he arrived in the world and the huge hurdles that might lie ahead.

  • #FundraisingFriday: Camilla’s Story

    5 Apr 2019

    Camilla has been kind enough to share her exciting fundraising plans with CLAPA. She's running not one race, but five, all in support of our vital services. 

  • #FundraisingFriday: Stephen’s Story

    19 Apr 2018

    A huge thank you to Stephen for raising an incredible £1,105 for CLAPA! He got in touch to explain why supporting CLAPA means so much to him. 

  • #FundraisingFriday: Charlotte’s Fundraising Story

    9 Mar 2018

    Charlotte ran the Worthing Half Marathon on 11/2/18 for CLAPA and raised an amazing £450.00 including gift aid. She got in touch to tell us why she is supporting CLAPA.

  • Paul and Seren’s Santa Story

    18 Dec 2017

    I wanted to get involved and do something for CLAPA this Christmas, so I looked on their website and noticed the Santa run being advertised. I spoke to Seren (my daughter) about whether she would like to do it and she was very excited about taking part.