#FundraisingFriday: Charlotte’s Fundraising Story

March 9, 2018

Charlotte ran the Worthing Half Marathon on 11/2/18 for CLAPA and raised an amazing £450.00 including gift aid. She got in touch to tell us why she is supporting CLAPA.

Back in April 2017 I decided I wanted to do a half marathon. I had been running a year and had done plenty of 10K races, and felt I wanted to push myself that bit further.

I made the decision that if I was going to do it, I would run for a charity close to my heart; CLAPA.

The reason why I chose CLAPA is because our youngest was born with a cleft palate. She had it repaired when she was 9 months old.  Now she is 3 years old and absolutely loving life.

Charlotte with her youngest daughter

We are still under the care of the cleft team, and I know that, if at any point we have a problem, I can phone our cleft nurse and she will be there to offer me guidance and support. I cannot thank CLAPA enough for all the help, care, and support we have been given over the last 3 years, and this is the reason why I ran the Worthing Half Marathon and raised £450 including gift aid, as a way of saying ‘thank you’ and knowing that the money will go towards helping families and making them as happy as we are.

If you’d love to do something great this year, there are loads of exciting runs to choose from. Please contact [email protected] or explore our website for more information.

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