A Message From Luke

August 8, 2018

Luke contacted CLAPA because he wanted to share a short message with others in the UK Cleft Community…

Hi, I’m Luke.

I was born with a cleft lip on both sides. I am 20 years old and I have had so many operations.

I’ve seen so many people being upset or feeling down because they have a cleft but I don’t it doesn’t really bother me and it shouldn’t really bother other people. I say be proud to have a cleft lip because it shows that we are strong ? – and my family are very proud too!

Just stay strong and you will be fine, I promise. Remember, we are all special and we are unique! ?

Thanks so much to Luke for sharing his lovely message.

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One response to “A Message From Luke”

  1. A Lovely message I found it really moving ,
    and people born with a cleft lip and palate
    really do have a lot to offer and have a
    great personality .