CLAPA Champions

Invest in the future of the cleft community: become a CLAPA Champion

CLAPA Champions share and support the charity’s ambition to create a brighter future for people born with a cleft in the UK. They believe people affected by cleft deserve a community they can count on for many years to come, and have committed to helping us make this happen.

You can join them by signing up for a regular donation of any amount, giving us certainty in the most uncertain time we’ve ever faced.

Become a Champion today, and you’ll receive:

  • A CLAPA pin badge or trolley coin keyring to show your support
  • A special thank-you letter
  • A quarterly newsletter updating you on how much our Champions have raised and what a difference it’s made to our work
  • …much more as we continue to develop this programme in the future!

Give us a gift we can rely on, so families like yours can always rely on us.

Sign up for a regular donation of any amount to join the ranks of CLAPA Champions.

Other Ways to Give

    We rely on the kindness and generosity of the community to help us provide services beyond the hospital walls and make sure every child born with a cleft can grow up smiling inside and out. Can you help us be there for every child, adult and family in need?

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