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  • ‘Sound Play’ with Speech and Language Therapists

    1 Dec 2023

    Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapists Rhian Hoccom, Lisa Farquhar and Helene Somerville discuss the benefits of 'Sound Play' and how you can help support your child's speech through their special books and CLAPA's 'Babble and Play' sessions.

  • ‘Harm Review’ of Bristol Children’s Hospital: CLAPA’s Statement

    1 May 2023

    A recent report on Bristol Children’s Hospital has found that more than 100 children and young people born with a cleft have been harmed because of delays in treatment. CLAPA welcomes this report as the first step towards resolving these issues and ensuring everyone receiving cleft treatment in the United Kingdom can expect the same high standard of care.

  • The Welsh Centre for Cleft Lip & Palate is ‘Stepping Up for Cleft Lip and Palate’ this May

    19 Apr 2023

  • Cleft Appointments During Lockdown

    7 Jan 2021

    NHS Cleft Teams around the UK have reported that in the months since they’ve started to resume services, more people than usual are missing important appointments. These are known as ‘Did Not Attends’ (DNA) or ‘Was Not Brought’ (WNB) for children. We know there are many reasons why people might miss appointments or cancel them altogether, and together with the Cleft Teams we want to do what we can to help.

  • Summer Survey 2020: Now Closed

    22 Jul 2020

    Are you personally affected by cleft? Could you take 10 minutes to help us better support the UK cleft community by telling us how the lockdown has affected you?

  • Resumption of Cleft Services

    16 Jun 2020

    The Cleft Development Group (CDG) has passed on the following statement for the UK cleft community on how the NHS plans to safely resume cleft services during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Pierre Robin Sequence Study for Trent Region Families

    7 May 2019

    The Nottingham-based Trent Cleft Service are putting together a set of resources for families affected by Pierre Robin Sequence. Can you help them by completing a short online survey?

  • Announcement from The National Surgical Cleft Service in Scotland

    25 Oct 2018

    The National Surgical Cleft Service is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr David Drake, Consultant OMFS and Cleft surgeon.  Mr Drake is an established cleft surgeon within the UK and will take up post on the 1st November 2018.

  • #NHS70: Pat’s Story

    4 Jul 2018

    Pat was born in 1954 with a cleft lip and palate. She is currently a Cleft Nurse Specialist at the Birmingham Children’s’ Hospital. In this interview to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS, she offers insight into the changes in cleft care over the years that she has experienced as both a patient and a professional.

  • Dentists and Cleft: A look at the Role of Restorative Dentists in a Cleft Team

    17 Jan 2018

    As part of a cleft team, a restorative dentist will work with other specialists from different disciplines to provide the patient with a cleft lip and/or palate with necessary information, support, and care as they follow their treatment plan and consider their options from childhood into adulthood. This article is intended to offer insight into the role of a restorative dentist in treatment related to cleft lip and/or palate, and to highlight the dental treatment that people born with a cleft have access to.