John’s Fundraising Story

August 9, 2023

John took part in the Lakeland 50-mile run, raising a fabulous £1,110 so far for CLAPA. We caught up with John about his fundraising journey.

“Fundraising for CLAPA is such an important part of my family’s life. My son Noah has inspired me to run the Lakeland 50 Miles Ultra trail race.

Noah was born in January 2021 was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. His struggles in his short life and three operations pushed me through those grueling moments during the race when I could have easily just given up.

He helped me finish 51st out of 1700 people and completed it in 10 hours 23 minutes. When we fell pregnant, we never imagined we would have a chance to become part of such an incredible community.

Yet, here we are. We received so much support when Noah was born with advice and bottles. We have no doubt he and we will call upon CLAPA in the future for further support, which is why it is vital that CLAPA is supported and stays active for all of those families who are part of this community and soon to be part of it.

The Lakeland 50 miles Ultra race is a trail run from Delmain near Penrith to Coniston and passes through some of the most beautiful parts of the Lake District.

My fundraising experience has been exceptional. I loved every part of it, and it meant so much that our friends, families, and even strangers donated to such a wonderful cause.

For anyone wanting to fundraise for CLAPA, do it. Don’t worry about how much you need to raise because every little amount goes towards supporting a family or individual, and that’s the most important thing to remember.”

Thank you so much, John. If you feel inspired to fundraise, visit our website for your next challenge.


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