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  • Nick’s Story

    28 Jun 2019

    "The cursor in the search bar blinked. Fingers sat motionless on the keys. Is this what we want to do? What are we hoping to find out? Why am I thinking, “how bad will it be?” Why her? Will she be okay? What will her life be like? All the questions that you may have wistfully imagined answers to while watching the sunrise now cascaded in search of answers in front of a monitor. The idea of finding out as frightening as not knowing."

  • Two Sides – Indy’s Story

    10 May 2017

    It was difficult watching my partner deal with her feelings of guilt over not being able to feed our daughter, and although we had been advised all was normal, I felt continual concern over Eva-Rose’s inability to feed - something just wasn’t right to me.

  • Father’s Day

    19 Jun 2016

    This Father’s Day we’re asking dads everywhere to share their stories of parenting a child with a cleft.

  • Parenting a child with a cleft lip and/or palate: The father’s perspective

    5 Jun 2015

    The aim of this research was to explore the experience of having a child born with a cleft from the father’s perspective, with a view to informing service provision and future research.

  • The Hancock’s story

    17 Mar 2013

    "The operator told us that our baby had a cleft lip and that this maybe associated with some syndromes that may mean that the baby may not survive. The whole thing was handled rather badly. We left the hospital in a state of shock and little information."

  • ‘Tough Guy’ Tony Wins Medal for Son Ashton

    16 Feb 2013

    "Ashton and all the other cleft children out there are the real tough guys. I just wanted to get Ashton a medal to prove it and I was mentally prepared to do what ever it took to cross that finish line and get it for him."

  • Andy’s Story

    15 Feb 2013

    I can't say that it has been easy, though, and we while knew we would have to do things a little different with feeding, it was a lot more than we first envisaged. In the end you just deal with it and when you get a smile like this your problems just go away!