Scotland Surgical Services Transition: May Update

May 31, 2017

Further to the Transition Plan sent out earlier this month, Cleft Care Scotland has provided the following update for parents and patients in Scotland. This update explains what has happened so far, and what will happen in the immediate future.

“Since the announcement by the Cabinet Secretary to approve the move to a single surgical service model on December 23rd, the two current providers, NHS GG&C and NHS Lothian have been working closely together to maintain a service across NHS Scotland and plan for the new single service to start on 23 June 2017.

During the current transition period since December we have only had 2 out of the 3 surgeons available to deliver clinics and surgery.

Having only 2 surgeons available shows the fragility of the current service model, where there is a single handed surgical service on the East Coast, not the new service model which is a planned 3 surgeon team for the whole of Scotland.

Whilst the service has been able to provide consultant led clinics, across Scotland, these have not been at the frequency that would be provided when all three surgeons are available.

The good news is that from January to middle of May, the Service has been able to hold 9 outreach clinics on the East Coast, including in Lothian, Grampian and Tayside. Up to the middle of May, 100 patients had been assessed in these clinics and there are a number of other clinics scheduled in all three Boards. Of these patients 25 paediatric patients have already been operated on in Glasgow and this has included the surgeons working weekends. Another 15 patients have dates for surgery whilst another 33 have dates to be confirmed. All other patients are not yet ready for surgery. We would like to assure you that all these patients are being managed according to surgical need to make sure they receive their care at the appropriate time.


“In the meantime, if anyone has queries about their own child’s care/ their own care, these should be directed in the first instance to the appropriate local cleft clinicians or to the Cleft Nurse Specialists so these can be addressed promptly.”

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