Paul and Seren’s Santa Story

December 18, 2017

Find a Santa Dash near you for Christmas 2018!

I wanted to get involved and do something for CLAPA this Christmas, so I looked on their website and noticed the Santa run being advertised. I spoke to Seren (my daughter) about whether she would like to do it and she was very excited about taking part. We both chose CLAPA as a charity to fundraise for. Seren really wanted to raise money for CLAPA, as a thank you for all the support and guidance they have given Mummy and Daddy when she was little.

Seren was diagnosed with a cleft lip and possible palate at our 20 week scan. When she was born in 2012, she had a unilateral cleft lip and notch in her gum. She is fully aware of her cleft and wanted to help others the way that she has been helped.

Thank you so much to Paul and Seren for raising an amazing £408.75 including gift aid for CLAPA. They both had lots of fun taking part in this fun run this Christmas and looking forward to doing some more fun runs next year. Why don’t you join them?

For more information about how to get involved in a challenge, and to support CLAPA for 2018, please contact [email protected] or just visit our website to take a look for yourself!


Inspired by Paul and Seren?

Find a Santa Dash near you for Christmas 2018!

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