Chris completes the Thames Path Challenge

October 9, 2014

Chris W

Chris Williams took part in the Thames Path Challenge 25K on Saturday 13th September which took him from Fulham to Hurst Park (15.5 miles).

This is what he had to say,

“Just to let you know yesterday I successfully completed my Thames Path Challenge! It was quite tough and turned out to be a little further than expected -28K!! But I managed to finish the course in 4hr 18mins and have raised £831.09. It was a fantastic day and the atmosphere was incredible. More emotional than I had anticipated. I’m just researching my next challenge for the beginning part of next year – A possible skydive?! My mum is going to kill me he!he!”

You can still support Chris up to the 13th December if you visit his Justgiving page at

We would like to take this opp
ortunity to thank Chris for going that extra mile and can’t wait to find out what he plans to do next!

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