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From developing new services and shaping our messaging to collaborating with researchers, we want the cleft community to be involved every step of the way. Thank you for adding your voice!

We want to make our community as inclusive as possible. Our groups are currently underrepresented by people from ethnic minorities, men, people of colour, and people who follow religions other than Christian. If you represent any of these groups, we encourage you to get involved.

Here are the current open opportunities with CLAPA Voices. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Gillian, our External Engagement Coordinator, at [email protected].

New Opportunities

All Current Research Opportunities

  • Research Opportunity: SLUMBRS Study

    The SLUMBRS study aims to learn whether babies with a cleft palate should sleep on their back or their side. They are looking for babies with an isolated cleft palate under five weeks old. Check to see if your Cleft Team is recruiting!

    Ref -CE01

  • Consultation Group: UK Cleft Community (18+)

    The Cleft Collective is inviting applications from people to join their Patient Consultation Group which meet to discuss and give feedback on the activities of The Cleft Collective study team to clinicians and researchers.

    Ref -CE02

  • Patient Engagement Group: UK Cleft Community

    Are you interested in NHS cleft care services in the UK? Would you like to voice your thoughts on how cleft services are provided and developed?

    The Cleft Development Group (CDG) are inviting applications to join their new Patient Engagement Group to feedback your opinions to the CDG steering group.

    Ref -CE03

  • Patient Engagement Group: Scotland Cleft Community

    Would You Like to Have a Say on NHS Cleft Care in Scotland?

    Cleft Care Scotland (CCS) is inviting applications from people to join their Patient Engagement Group (PEG).

    Ref -CE04

  • Paid Research Project for Parents

    Are online peer support groups and forums useful?

    A Postgraduate student from the Department of Psychology at the University College London is looking for parents to complete a survey for a new research project.

    They estimate the survey will take around 20 mins to complete, and there is compensation for your time.

    The study will look at the usefulness of online peer support groups and forums for parents of children with long-term conditions, developmental disorders, or disabilities.

    Ref -CE017

  • Online Study

    Are you a parent or carer of a child who is aged 4-16 years and living with a visible difference?

    Cardiff University would like to invite you to participate in a six-week, online, Mindful Parenting programme.


  • Questionnaire

    What costs have you experienced with regard to cleft care?

    A team of researchers from the University of Bristol is exploring the costs you have experienced regarding cleft care for yourself/your child.

    Ref - CE025

CLAPA Voices is your chance to have your voice heard. Join today, and we’ll get in touch about opportunities throughout the year for you to feed into our work, as well as take part in research projects.

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