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  • Research Summary: Treatment Decision Making in Adults with Cleft

    27 May 2021

    This article summarises the results of a new paper on treatment decision making in adults who were born with a cleft, covering adults’ surgical experiences, feelings and concerns with dental care, desire for further treatment, and awareness of entitlement to NHS services.

  • Research Summary: Parents’ & carers’ experiences of children with appearance-affecting conditions

    4 Mar 2021

    Back in July 2020, we advertised a Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) study on parents' and carers' experiences of children with appearance-altering conditions, such as cleft. We are excited to be able to share with you the findings of the study as summarised by CAR.

  • Research Summary: Interpersonal Relationships in Adults with Cleft

    2 Mar 2021

    CLAPA's 'Whole of Life' survey in 2018 asked adults in the UK who were born with a cleft all about their experiences, including the impact of their cleft on their personal relationships. This paper looks at the results of this survey in detail and considers what the findings might mean for the UK cleft community.

  • Research Summary: Emotional Wellbeing in Adults Born with a Cleft

    3 May 2020

    CLAPA's 'Whole of Life' survey in 2018 asked adults born with a cleft from all over the UK about their experiences, including their emotional wellbeing. This paper looks at the results of this survey in detail and considers what they might mean for the future of our community.

  • Research Summary: Visible Difference and Equality Law

    14 Oct 2019

    Earlier this year, researcher Hannah Saunders interviewed a number of adults with a visible difference about their experiences in the workplace to learn more about if law does enough to promote the equality of people with a visible difference. Here, she presents a summary of her findings.

  • CLAPA Presents at European Cleft Conference in Utrecht

    13 Aug 2019

    Adult Services Coordinator Kenny Ardouin reports back on his time in Utrecht talking about CLAPA's Adult Services Project and learning from others who'd travelled from all around the world.

  • The Psychosocial Impact of Cleft on Grandparents

    3 Jun 2019

    The aim of this study was to explore the experiences and potential support needs of grandparents of children born with CL/P to inform future service provision.

  • A Day at the Cleft Collective

    4 Apr 2019

    On Saturday 23rd March, The Cleft Collective welcomed CLAPA’s Cleft Collective Patient Consultation Group to Bristol for a day of presentations and discussions around the next phase of this exciting initiative.

  • CRANE Report 2017

    4 Jul 2018

  • SLUMBERS – A Sleep Study

    20 Dec 2017

    The Side Lying and Upper airway Maintenance in Babies Requiring Surgery for cleft palate, or SLUMBERS study, is a feasibility study that CLAPA has coordinated with frequently during the research process.  The purpose of the study was to address the fact that general NHS guidelines for how babies can be put to bed to sleep most safely may not be the safest guidelines to follow for babies with a cleft lip and/or palate.