The Great North Run

Date: 10th September 2023

Where: Newcastle, United Kingdom

Entry Fee: £35

You agree to raise a minimum of £350

The Great North Run is the largest marathon in the UK that will lead you to run 13.1 miles from the center of Newcastle Upon Tyne to the coast of South Shields. The exciting marathon lets you become apart of #teamclapa where you will join 57,000 other runners including Mo Farah who has won the race for the last three years

How to get a place?

If you are interested in applying for a charity place, please do via the link the below. We strongly recommend you also enter the ballot which is open 9th January via the organisers website. All runners should find out their result around 24th February. CLAPA hopes to get back to every runner who has applied for a charity place the week of the 27th February. Good Luck!

Apply for a charity place 

Why join us? You will be fully supported and provided with:

  • Fundraising support, materials, ideas and tips
  • Dedicated contact at CLAPA, who will give you one to one support all the way
  • An online network of fellow runners to provide support and advice
  • A top-quality breathable running vest
  • A limited edition wristband
  • Sponsorship forms

Check out our Half Marathon training pack that we have designed for you to help you prepare for your upcoming half marathon and for you to get some tips and tricks to help you run safely and at your best:

Half Marathon Training Guide


‘ Nearly 2 hours passed and I could see the finish line, as I started, elated. The only difference being that I had aching legs (the last 2 miles took their toll) and I was 13.1 miles away. Mission accomplished, my first marathon was completed!’

Ian Cross- The Great North run runner

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the marathon then please do contact [email protected] or phone us on 020 7833 4883

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