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  • Photoshoot for Ladybeard and Dazed: Applications ASAP

    1 Nov 2018

    The team at Ladybeard have been asked to do an Instagram takeover for Dazed Beauty , Dazed magazine's beauty platform, next week and they want to showcase diverse forms of beauty by using their feature to celebrate people with visible differences. If you'd be interested in taking part, they'd love to hear from you ASAP.

  • World Mental Health Day 2018

    10 Oct 2018

    Wednesday 10th October is World Mental Health Day 2018. Read more about how being born with a cleft can affect your mental health, and how CLAPA is working to support people like you.

  • #PortraitPositive: Beth & Olivia’s Stories

    20 Sep 2018

    Portrait Positive is a groundbreaking project to challenge ideas of beauty. 16 models with a visible difference, including several born with a cleft, had their portraits taken by world-renown photographer Rankin and were featured on Steven Tai's catwalk for London Fashion Week 2018.

  • Dr Christian Will See You Now: Cleft Patients Wanted

    17 Aug 2018

    ‘Dr Christian Will See You Now’ is returning for a third series on the W Channel (part of UKTV). They're looking for teenagers and adults born with a cleft to take part and help raise awareness of cleft in the UK.

  • Parent and Peer Supporter Service

    13 Aug 2018

    When you’re going through a tough time, sometimes the only thing that helps is talking to someone else who’s been through it all before and can understand exactly what you’re going through.

  • Awareness Week 2018: Jenny’s Story

    12 May 2018

    “I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her.” Find out more about how cleft lip and palate affects adults, and what CLAPA is doing to help.

  • Adult Services Project

    5 Apr 2018

  • Dentists and Cleft: A look at the Role of Restorative Dentists in a Cleft Team

    17 Jan 2018

    As part of a cleft team, a restorative dentist will work with other specialists from different disciplines to provide the patient with a cleft lip and/or palate with necessary information, support, and care as they follow their treatment plan and consider their options from childhood into adulthood. This article is intended to offer insight into the role of a restorative dentist in treatment related to cleft lip and/or palate, and to highlight the dental treatment that people born with a cleft have access to.

  • Have Your Say: The CET Project

    17 Jan 2018

    Emma Southby, an experienced Cleft Nurse Specialist and a previous CLAPA Trustee,  is looking for interviewees for an exciting new venture to create new educational resources for health professionals across Europe.

  • Karen’s Story

    6 Jan 2018

    Karen was born in 1952 with a cleft lip and palate. Here in her own words she tells her story of growing up with a cleft, and returning to treatment as an adult.