Cleft Palate – The Journey

March 10, 2017

Owen has been having a rough time this month, some people have been being less than kind. So his big brother, 13 year old Joshua, inspired by his brother’s resilience and experience wrote a poem about Owen’s struggle for a school competition!

Cleft Palate – The Journey

You point, you laugh, you call him names,
Why do you look upon him with shame?
It wasn’t his choice, to change his face,
There’s nothing wrong with him but you are a disgrace!

Why do your looks put you in societies chain?
Because down at the bottom, there’s nothing but pain,
Next time you look, think about what you say,
It shouldn’t be him who has to pay!

People say it’s the inside, that looks don’t matter,
But as soon as someone looks different, there’s nothing but chatter!
You talk behind his back but not to his face,
It’s never ok to say, there’s no right place!

He looks the same as everyone else,
But yet you make him feel so bad about himself,
Just two little lumps upon his face,
Sending a boy mad, this shouldn’t be the case!

To think about what he feels,
To understand that his feelings are real,
Life can be so unkind,
Try to keep this in mind.

See beneath his smile covering his tears,
Understand that it comes from his fears,
All that he wants is to fit in,
Like a game he just needs to win.

Just see the fight he has every day,
To get out what he really wants to say,
See the true person he is inside,
Don’t make him feel his face he has to hide!

No-one should be judged on their face,
It’s the inside that matters, not colour or race!
If you were on the other side, how would you feel?
Being crushed, put under the heel.

Burns and scars, make a person strong,
But somehow, they are made to feel they don’t belong,
It’s us that do this, discriminate as a nation,
Some may be different but no one is a bad creation.

This is such a big problem, we need to stop it now,
Encourage him to be strong, to take a bow,
Give him strength to wear his scar with pride,
Instead of wanting to hide.

I’ve seen my brother be so strong,
Then knocked down by a comment, it’s just wrong,
Just take a look, see his fight,
Don’t put him in the dark, turn on the light!

Look beyond what you see, his skin,
Think about the battle he is trying to win,
Say something positive or nothing at all,
Who are you to make him feel small?

All I ask is that you think first,
Instead of making him feel worse,
Think about the journey he’s had,
And try to make him happy not sad.

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6 responses to “Cleft Palate – The Journey”

  1. I am now 61 years of age. and still suffer from unfair treatment and snide remarks from people who should know better!!! It is not easy Owen but try to make friends with those who do show you understanding and I am sure CLAPA can help you also. Richard

  2. That poem is absolutely brilliant. What a great big brother to point out that because his little brother has a scar on his lip doesn’t make him any different to the bullies who make fun of him. If they took the time to get to know him they’ll see that for themselves. My baby grandson was born with cleft lip and pallet and I think he looks gorgeous with his scar, it gives him an identity. He has gone through so much in his short little life , These children are so brave to go through the many operations they endure throughout their life they put the bullies to shame. So hopefully when Boyd starts school the children accept him for who he is. BULLIES think before you speak, if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything.

  3. What a beautiful poem and i shall read this too my lil boy 7 who has been bullied because he were born bilateral cleft lip and pallet… There all fighting this and people should try understand these children are 100%perfect in everyway there no different. My lil boy thinks hes wierd looking hes not at all non of these children are wierd there simply beautiful in every sense xx

  4. Joshua,
    What a great poem well done to you for sticking up for your brother. I have a daughter who is now 19 and had all the same issues at school. Owen don’t ever let anyone pull you down for the way you look. Keep smiling buddy and good luck.

  5. What a lovely thing to do for your brother, I’m 45 and could really relate to your words… well done Joshua ! And to Owen, don’t let the bullies win, in my experience things do get better as you get older. Good luck and take care.

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