How Volunteering Works

Our CLAPA volunteers are amazing! We couldn’t survive without such dedicated and caring people giving up their time to help others. And no matter how much time you have or what your skills and interests are, there’s a role to suit you. Most of our volunteers are home-based but meet us and their local group or Cleft Team regularly. The hours you volunteer and how much you do is entirely up to you.

Full training and induction is provided for volunteers, travel and other expenses are reimbursed, and you’ll receive regular support from your local Regional Coordinator or Engagement Officer.

Interested in applying?

Get in touch with your Regional Coordinator or Engagement Officer directly to chat about the kind of volunteering you may be interested in. If there are roles available which we think would suit you, we’ll invite you to fill out an application form.

You’ll receive a one-to-one induction at a time to suit you, either over the phone or face-to-face. These include all relevant CLAPA policies and procedures, information, knowledge and practical skills needed to carry out your role.

What kinds of  Volunteer Roles are available?

Already volunteering for us?

If you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to ask – copies of relevant forms and details of all policies are made available to you as part of your training and induction and in our Volunteer Handbook

Quick summaries of our relevant volunteer policies are provided below.

Use of CLAPA logos, charity number and branding

CLAPA is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. Our logos and branding are protected. Therefore we ask that you please only use official CLAPA merchandise – leaflets, posters, t-shirts etc. (which can be ordered from us) and that when fundraising for CLAPA you always quote our charity number. Templates for letter-heading, our CLAPA and funders’ logos etc. are also available, please just ask if you need them.


We reimburse you for any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses. We’ll only reimburse the amount that you have spent as a result of your volunteering, up to agreed maximum levels. Tickets and receipts must be provided in order to claim these. Currently we pay for standard class train/bus fares, 40p per mile for petrol (please see our expenses policy for full details) some childcare/accommodation costs where applicable and up to £15 for an evening meal if you are out on CLAPA business.

Volunteering & benefits

As long as you only receive out-of-pocket expenses there should not be a problem with volunteering while on benefits. However if you are on benefits we ask that you inform JobCentre Plus before volunteering.

Health and safety

We are committed to the care and wellbeing of everyone who works and volunteers for us or uses our services. All voluntary activities are covered by the same health and safety legislative requirements as those for employees. It is your personal responsibility to maintain health and safety standards in order to provide a safe working environment for all. Suitable risk assessment(s) must be prepared for all activities being carried out for CLAPA. Therefore please comply with all relevant instructions and procedures relating to safety and follow guidance provided by us or the organisation where you volunteer (e.g. in a Cleft clinic in hospital). We have a strict no-smoking policy which covers staff and volunteers in all CLAPA roles.

Staying in touch and resolving day to day issues

Your designated Regional Coordinator or Volunteer Development Officer is your first point of contact for keeping in touch and dealing with day to day issues. However any staff member will always be happy to help. Most of our volunteers are home-based and although you will probably meet up regularly with other volunteers and staff it’s important to stay in touch. As a volunteer you’ll receive our e-updates, newsletter and an invitation to our annual conference, as well as attending local Branch meetings and/or regional development days.

Complaints & feedback

We are fully committed to listening and responding to any feedback, comment, concern or complaint. We will make every effort to actively respond as soon as possible and any concern or complaint, no matter how small, should be raised with your Regional Coordinator, Team Administrator or the Director of Development as soon as possible. We want your volunteering experience to be as happy and enjoyable as possible!


Regional Coordinators 

Central England – Claire Evans, [email protected], 07792 772362

East of England – Daniel Richards, [email protected], 07772 684 398

Scotland – Gillian McCarthy, [email protected], 07586 045402

South East England (including London) – Cherry LeRoy, [email protected], 079855 38982