Research Opportunity – PEG Feeding Tubes

February 15, 2017

Are you a patient or a caregiver for someone using PEG feeding tubes?

£100 incentive for 90 minute in home interviews for people with or providing care for someone using PEG Feeding Tubes.

As an independent market research agency, The Research House is a global leader in healthcare research which regularly conducts interviews into various diseases and disorders; in person, via telephone, and online.

Our objective is to capture how participants describe the experience of having or caring for someone living with feeding tubes.

  • In order to inquire about this research, please phone 020 74 879 223. We will need to go through a short series of screening questions with you to determine that you are eligible for the interview.
  • This will be a 90 minute in home interview on the 1st or 3rd of March, for which you will receive £100

If you are interested please contact Robert Thomas on 0207 487 9223 or [email protected], to see if you qualify for the study.