Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Week 2024

4th - 12th May

Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Week

4th – 12th May 2024

Join CLAPA, the UK’s cleft lip and palate charity, as we share stories, bust myths, and celebrate the cleft community, all while raising funds to support our life-changing work.

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Support CLAPA’s Work

CLAPA’s work to support children, adults and families affected by cleft in the UK relies on the generosity of the UK cleft community. This Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Week, combine your awareness-raising with fundraising to give your activity a lasting impact!

Donate to (or join in with!) our fundraising campaign on JustGiving to support CLAPA’s work all year round. Why not create a fundraising page to tell your story and share with family and friends?

Planning something local? You can request leaflets and posters until 10am on Tuesday 7th May, or download copies to print.

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Learn More

  • Supporting People Affected by Cleft

    Read stories and tips from the UK cleft community about how you can support the people in your life affected by cleft

  • About Cleft Lip and Palate

    Learn all about cleft lip and palate in the United Kingdom

  • Myths & Facts

    From surgery to feeding, there’s a lot the world still doesn’t understand about cleft. Read about common myths and learn the facts!

  • Fundraise for CLAPA

    Create a fundraising page on JustGiving to tell your story to raise funds as well as awareness this May

  • Louise's Story: Diagnosis

    "I couldn’t tell anyone how I truly felt as I didn't think anyone understood. Every day was a massive struggle for me. Everyone was so excited to meet him, but I wasn't. I hated feeling the way I did."

  • Jenny's Story: Growing up with a cleft

    "I don’t let my cleft define me, and now I am older I have found a confidence I never had before, and do things I never thought possible, including having a photo shoot – not once, but twice! I loved every moment and told myself that I deserve this just as much as anyone else."

  • Hannah's Story: Feeding

    "The first time he took a full feed from his bottle after 6 days, I cried with happiness. In the corner of the room with all the machines of tiny babies beeping, the nurses chatting in the background, the only people in the room are me and my amazing little boy."

  • Beth's Story: Raising Awareness

    “When I was younger I thought I was the only one and I’d think ‘Why have I got this?’” She explains. “Meeting other people like me makes me happy and feel not alone.”

We rely on the kindness and generosity of the community to help us provide services beyond the hospital walls and make sure no one affected by cleft in the UK goes through their journey alone. Can you help us be there for every child, adult and family in need?

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