CLAPA Group Guidance

In this section you’ll find everything you need as part of your volunteering work with a CLAPA Group. If you think anything is missing from this section, please get in touch with your Regional Coordinator or Engagement Officer.

CLAPA Groups Guidance Pack (PDF)

This pack contains all of the below guides in one handy pack.

Fundraising vs Event Group Guide (PDF)

What is the difference between a Fundraising Group and an Events Group?

Events Group Guidance (PDF)

How do Events Groups work, what are the expectations, and what support can you get from CLAPA?

Fundraising Group Guidance (PDF)

How do Fundraising Groups work, what are the expectations, and what support can you get from CLAPA?

CLAPA Helpers Guide (PDF)

What are CLAPA Helpers and how can they support your volunteering work?

Regional Fund Guidance (PDF) & Regional Fund Application Form (XLS)

New guidance on how to apply to CLAPA’s Regional Fund to pay for your events and activities.

Slack Guidance (PDF)

What is Slack, how can it make a difference to your CLAPA Group, and how can you start using it?

Volunteer Agreement (PDF Form) Volunteer Agreement (Word Doc)

A new-look Volunteer Agreement. Your Key Contact will be in touch if you need to sign an updated version.

Forms & Templates

EG.01.Events Group-Budget-Form_v3

EG.02.Expenses and Mileage Claim Form_v1

EG.03.TEMPLATE event task list [Coming Soon]

EG.04. Sending Money to CLAPA

EG.05. Risk Assessment Form TEMPLATE_v1

EG.06. Risk Assessment Form SAMPLE_v1

EG.07. Risk Assessment Guidance_v2

Branch Tool Kit – ARCHIVE

Please Note: The below documents are no longer used and will be kept here as a temporary archive until we have fully replaced all the policies and procedures for Fundraising and Events Groups.

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