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  • #FundraisingFriday: Leon Banks

    17 Jun 2016

    For this week’s #FundraisingFriday we really wanted to share this super cute story from Leon, who got in touch with a letter to tell us how he and his family chose to fundraise for CLAPA.

  • Charlotte’s Story

    10 Jun 2016

    "In 2014 my son Oliver was born with a cleft lip. This came as a massive shock to us as it was undiagnosed, and living on a small island Cleft awareness and guidance, even within our local hospital were not on hand. The hospital were not aware of any children born for many years with a cleft so it was paramount things needed to change."

  • How Volunteering Helps You Take Control

    9 Jun 2016

    Since becoming a CLAPA Volunteer in 2011, Rachel has been an outspoken advocate for improving care, awareness and research around cleft lip and palate in the UK. For the 9th day of #VolunteersWeek we're celebrating the ways in which volunteering can help you turn something difficult into an opportunity for growth and positivity by taking control of your situation.

  • Adult Voices and Volunteers

    8 Jun 2016

    On the 8th day of National Volunteers Week, we're hearing from some of our volunteers on the Adult Voices Council about what motivates them to be involved with CLAPA.

  • Volunteering at a Residential Weekend

    4 Jun 2016

    "I came to CLAPA with no prior experience of clefts, only facts from university textbooks. I had written my dissertation on the prevalence, assessment, treatment and the effects of clefts, but I had never seen one with my own eyes."

  • Volunteering with CLAPA Devon & Cornwall

    2 Jun 2016

    Two parents of older children born with a cleft tell their volunteering stories for National Volunteers Week 2016.

  • National Volunteers Week

    1 Jun 2016

    June 1-12 is National Volunteers Week, celebrating the people that allow charities like CLAPA to keep working hard all over the UK.

  • ICHOM 2016 – A Patient’s Perspective

    17 May 2016

    The ICHOM are an organisation aiming to standardise the ways we measure outcomes for health conditions around the world, including cleft lip and palate. Our very own Chris Williams represented cleft and CLAPA at their latest conference, and here he blogs about what he took away from the experience.

  • Luke’s World

    12 May 2016

    "Our little treasure arrived on Thursday 7th March 1996 weighing a healthy 7lb 13oz! Dad helped to deliver and was there to see that Luke was that extra bit special. I remember him being placed on my tummy and saying “aaww look…he has a cleft lip”. His Dad just said “I know kiddo…but we’ll be alright”."

  • Amanda and Amy’s Story

    11 May 2016

    It was a complete shock to us as anomaly scans were not available then and I felt to be honest, extremely isolated and lonely as I really didn’t have any support from anyone except the hospital staff and of course my family and friends at that time. It also felt really scary.