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  • Awareness Week 2018: Shirley-ann and Beth’s story

    10 May 2018

    Speaking to Beth, now ten-years-old, it’s clear that being born with a cleft has not held her back. She speaks cheerfully about school and is excited to tell her story. “I’m fine to talk about it at school if people ask,” she explains. “I don’t worry about explaining everything. I just tell them ‘this is something I was born with’.”

  • Dylan’s Story

    6 Sep 2017

    Hi, I’m Dylan and I was born with a Cleft lip and Palate, I am 10. I had my first two operations done when I was 3 and 6 months old, I don’t remember them obviously. I had my bone graft operation done in the Queen Elizabeth hospital in March 2017.

  • My Cleft Story – #3

    4 Sep 2017

    My final instalment deals with something that was really quite difficult although it all worked out well in the end. When I was 9 I went back to GOSH for an alveolar bone graft, the first operation I really can remember.

  • Youth Forward – Submissions open!

    13 Jul 2017

    Submissions need for our newsletter for Children and Young People!

  • My Cleft Story #2

    9 Dec 2016

    The next stage in my cleft story was my operations, all of which took place at Great Ormond Street Hospital. My operation was the initial repair of my cleft lip when I was 12 weeks old. We lived in London so the hospital wasn’t far.

  • My Cleft Story: The Beginnings

    26 Nov 2016

    Hi my name is Annabelle and I was born in October 2001 with a cleft lip and gum. It all started before I was born. After I’d been brewing for a few months, my mum went for the 5 month scan at Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London. She was waiting alone with the scan lady because my older sister was throwing a hissy fit and dad had to take her outside to run around.

  • Meet Zoe Bailey

    31 Oct 2016

    Meet Zoe Bailey! Zoe is going to be playing young Emily in IQ Network's upcoming film, Two Sides: A Cleft Story, and has kindly agreed to film a video diary for us!

  • The Community’s Role in Research

    28 Jun 2016

    Our Children and Young People's Council do more than just play games and eat pizza - they also spend their meetings making a real difference to others born with a cleft like them! In a new video put together for the Appearance Matters 7 Conference, the CYPC share what CLAPA and its work means to them.

  • Before & after orthognathic (jaw) surgery photos

    My Summer of Fun…aka Jaw Surgery!

    18 Nov 2015

    Right, so on 12th July 2013 I had jaw (orthognatic) surgery as my bottom jaw was further forward than my top; creating an underbite which I have been unhappy with since before I can remember. I was excited, but extremely apprehensive, for the surgery because it is known to be a pretty big one which casues quite a lot of pain and discomfort.

  • My Volunteer Story: Danielle

    18 Nov 2015

    My name is Danielle Keohane and I was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. Sounds like a confession I suppose! I'm not going to pretend I'm completely happy and proud of my cleft, but I'm no longer shamed of it, which has got to be a good thing!