Hey, I’m Lyndsey and was born in 1989 with an unilateral cleft lip and palate. Treatment started at Great Ormond Street, moving to Poole Hospital in 1994. By age 20 I had undergone over 15 operations; a mix of repair work to both the cleft and palate, operations to improve the appearance of my upper lip and nose, jaw revision, and several sets of grommets and/or tea tubes thrown in for good measure. Alongside this, I also received five years’ worth of maxillofacial treatment.

I believe being born with a Cleft bought out an incredibly fiery determination. I wanted to prove that having a Cleft would never hold me back from achieving, exploring and enjoying every opportunity life gave me. I started my working life as a PA in London however something more adventurous was calling. I joined the RAF five years ago and have since enjoyed the military life with plenty of Adventure Training, Shooting, Skiing, travelling and a great social scene. Since joining I have become a keen Powerlifter, representing the RAF and competing at national and international level. Aside from the military, I enjoy cycling, dancing and volunteering with CLAPA, the Air Cadet Organisation and for my local council’s Youth Service/Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. I live with my boyfriend, enjoying life by the seaside.

Always happy to chat, encourage, support and be a listening ear to adults and young people 🙂