Hello, I’m Ruth.

In October 2016 our son Jake was born to my husband Rob and I with a unilateral cleft lip and palate and a gum notch.  We had been given this diagnosis antenatally when I was just 15 weeks pregnant.  In his first year, Jake had both his lip and palate repaired under the cleft team at Alder Hey and he will go on to have his gum closed later in life.

Despite a very fraught time for my family, and against all my expectations, I can honestly say that Jake’s first 12 months were amazing – he thrived and was happy as could be and myself and Rob were overwhelmed with pride at his bravery and resilience.

CLAPA was and continues to be a great source of strength to me and I hope to be able to offer you some reassurance and support as you begin the same journey.