NHS Scotland Report and Q&A Sheet on Surgical Services Consultation

June 17, 2016

UPDATE – 08/09/2016

CLAPA has released a final statement following a debate in Scottish Parliament.

Read the Statement

Update – 23/06/16

Communication from the NHS Board Chief Executives Group meeting on 21 June 2016 on Cleft Surgical Services Proposal

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NHS Scotland Report and Q&A Sheet on Surgical Services Consultation

NHS National Services Scotland have put together a full report on the public consultation for the proposal to merge cleft surgical services in Scotland into a single site in Glasgow.

This report goes through the background to the proposal and consultation process, though you can also read about this on our website. The report seeks to address common complaints and issues raised from the consultation (as well as about the process itself) and looks to the future where this proposal will be considered by the Scottish government.

The report concludes that even given the largely negative response to the proposal during the consultation period, they would continue to recommend a move to a single site in Glasgow.

As well as the report, NHS Scotland have also produced a question and answers sheet. This goes through the common issues raised during the consultation and attempts to respond to these.

Read the Consultation Report

Read the Question and Answers Sheet

Throughout the review and consultation, CLAPA has maintained a neutral position, stating that we believed there was not enough evidence made public to support one decision over another. Instead, we strongly encouraged our community to take part in the consultation process.

For more information about the review and CLAPA’s position, contact our Senior Regional Coordinator in Scotland, Gillian McCarthy, at [email protected] or 07586 045402.

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