Jon Clarke Crosses Borders for CLAPA

November 6, 2012

Jon Clarke (Chair of Adult Voices) has recently completed a 250 mile walk in aid of funding a Regional Coordinator in Scotland! Here is his story…

“Early in 2012 I was inspired (mainly by the Scottish weather) to go on a long walk somewhere a little warmer… so I thought, wouldn’t it be fabulous to undertake a sponsored walk along the 250-mile route from Porto (in Portugal) to Finisterre (in Spain) via Santiago de Compostela, in order to raise money towards a CLAPA Regional Coordinator for Scotland, to test my walking range – I had never before walked significant distances for more than one day – and to emulate Forest Gump just a little.”

“I finally found the time in October, when after a long train journey to Portugal (in an attempt to be green), I walked the route from Porto, with a few accidental detours, in 15 days – some days involved walking a tough 25 miles, whilst other days were shorter and a little more leisurely. My feet fared well, with just 2 blisters (pictures available on request), my knees seemed to suffer a little, however Forest Gump grew within me – I would have been very much up for walking another 250 miles had time allowed.”

“The route as far as Santiago de Compostela is an old pilgrimage route, much of it along old Roman tracks, adding to historical interest along the way. It is still a route followed by modern-day pilgrims, walking for all kinds of reasons, some religious and many not – so interesting company could be found along the way, as well as accommodation in municipal hostels and hospitality in the occasional monastery.”

“The route from Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre offers glorious Galician landscapes and a magnificent sunset at the end of the road, almost at the edge of the world, facing west over the vast Atlantic ocean.”

“And to fuel tired walkers along the way, boy do the Spanish know how to eat…”

“I’m already planning another walk for 2013, but where to go next?”

On his fundraising page, Jon has raised over £1,300! This will help us find funding for a new Regional Coordinator in Scotland who can kick-start local support in the region. To find out more about our plan for Regional Coordinators over the next few years, click here.

Would you like to take on a challenge for CLAPA? Click here to find out how you can get involved, or get in touch with us directly for your free fundraising pack.16 Oct - Tui - Crossing Portugal Spain Border 1

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