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What is an Events Group?

Events Groups are made up of CLAPA volunteers who want to help their local cleft community come together to share
experiences and meet each other in a fun and relaxed environment.

These events might be a family-friendly trip to a local farm or park, a Christmas Party in a community venue, or whatever you think would help CLAPA reach out to people in the community. Events Groups can connect people directly to CLAPA’s work, give a voice to their local area, and help to provide the support that people need and benefit from.

An events group will be established following discussion with the Regional Coordinator or Engagement Officer and will be planned in advance of the event and subject to available funding. There is no minimum number of volunteers required to run an Events Group, this will depend on the type of activity and support needed to run the event.

All volunteers will receive an induction and ongoing support from their Regional Coordinator or Engagement Officer.

Aims of an Events Group

•Provide opportunities for children, young people and families to meet, including
signposting to other local opportunities e.g. Happy Faces groups, Cleft Team events.

• Provide opportunities for adults with a cleft to meet others in their local area (e.g. local
groups, social events).

• Promote and encourage local parent-to-parent support through trained CLAPA Parent

• Promote and encourage peer-to-peer support through trained CLAPA Peer Supporters.

• Share information about CLAPA with the local community.

• Raise awareness of cleft in the local community.

• Foster links with the local Cleft Team.

• Share best practice with other Events Groups.

If the aim of your group is fundraising to the general public then this would be a Fundraising Group for which there is further guidance on the Volunteer Resource Centre.

Following discussion with your Regional Coordinator or Engagement Officer, your group may provide some or all of these activities as appropriate.

Your one-stop-shop for forms, policies, information, templates and everything else relating to your volunteering with CLAPA. You can find it by visiting the Volunteer Resource Centre. This is a hidden part of our site, so we advise saving a bookmark on your browser for easy access.

CLAPA Staff are here to help you too! Find a full list of staff here.

Roles within the group

There are no formal roles within the group, but, for each event, one member of the group will need to communicate with their Regional
Coordinator/Engagement Officer and to act as the Event Coordinator. This role may change for each event depending on the type of activity, the time commitment available from group members, etc.

One member of the group will need to oversee the financial arrangements for each activity; this may be the group coordinator or another member of the Events Group.

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