Looking for that next big adrenaline rush? Skydive for CLAPA!

Date: Various
Location: Nationwide

Registration fee: £50+ (depends on location)
Minimum Sponsorship Pledge: £495+ (includes cost of jump)

So cake sales leave you cold and the idea of running a marathon is on a par with watching paint dry? Well this page ought to perk you right up!

Why not take on a challenge sure to leave you with an adrenaline high as well as the added bonus of raising funds and awareness for CLAPA? A skydive is just that challenge!

Challenge yourself to completing a 10,000ft tandem jump at one of’s centres located all around the UK, and not only will you help CLAPA, but you’ll have a life-changing experience doing it. Sign up today!

What does the jump involve?

The majority of people take part in a Tandem Skydive which means you will be harnessed to a professional parachute instructor at all times throughout the descent.

Alternatively you can opt to do a Static Line Square or Accelerated Freefall, however both of these options are for experienced skydivers only.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from a skydive with UK Skydiving Adventures:

Skydiving locations

To find your nearest drop zone, take a look at the map below:

For more information visit UK Skydiving Adventures

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