Festive Fundraising Activities

Below you’ll find our top socially distanced fundraising ideas, so you can stay safe and support CLAPA this Christmas.

If you’re asking friends and family to donate to CLAPA, the easiest way to do this is to create either a Facebook Fundraiser or a JustGiving page. That will also make it easier for you to see who has donated, so you can thank people for taking part in your fundraiser! If you have any questions, our friendly team would be more than happy to help: [email protected].

How to set up a Facebook fundraiser 

How to set up a JustGiving page


Get ready to join us for our big, festive Jumpathon from the 30th November until the 5th December and #JumpforCLAPA! Launching soon!

Mulled Wine and Mince pies

Gather your friends and family together for an evening of mulled wine and mince pies on Zoom, to help get everyone in the Christmas spirit. You can include our handy recipes with your invitation and ask those who join you to make a donation of £5 – or whatever they can afford – to CLAPA.

BBC Good Food’s Mulled Wine recipe

BBC Good Food’s Non-Alcoholic Christmas drink recipes

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Keep the kids entertained by running your own online Christmas scavenger hunt for class mates, family and friends. Ask parents to make a donation to CLAPA in return for their child taking part.

Don’t forget to give them a heads up about the sorts of items you’ll have on your scavenger hunt list (for example, just saying ‘Christmas things’ will be a good clue!). Here’s 10 Christmassy items to get you started but of course you can adapt this to suit you, or add more!

Something red, an elf or a Santa, wrapping paper, Christmas bauble, wooly hat, mince pie, Christmas jumper, welly boot, Christmas card and tinsel.

A Christmas Window Display, Or Go Large and Decorate Your Whole House!

Decorate your window with a fantastic festive window display and invite your neighbours to make a donation. People can either give online or you could nominate one evening for people to come around and leave a socially distanced donation in one of our collection boxes.* Better still, go big and decorate the outside of your house with lots of lights as well as Santa and his helpers. Don’t forget to send us a photo of your display so we can share some festive cheer on our social media pages!

*Please contact our friendly fundraising team on [email protected] to order a collection box.

CLAPA Christmas Quiz

Fire up Zoom for a festive Christmas Quiz! You could write your own questions from scratch, or find inspiration with the many Christmas quizzes already available online. Ask everyone to don their favourite Christmas jumper or hat and get quizzing in return for a donation to CLAPA. We’d suggest asking for a donation of £10 per quiz team or whatever people can afford.

Festive Facebook Fundraiser

If you have no idea what to ask Santa for this Christmas or if you’re not looking forward to receiving more socks, you could set up a Facebook Fundraiser for CLAPA. Ask your friends and family to donate instead of giving you presents this year, and know that you’ll be making a huge difference to those affected by cleft across the UK.

How to set up a Facebook fundraiser 

Inspired by the ’12 Days of Christmas’, here are 12 of our vital services that are only made possible with your support.

  1. On the first day of Christmas, we sent out Welcome Packs of specialist feeding equipment and information to families living across the UK, helping to make sure they can feed their baby themselves and get home from hospital as soon as possible.
  2. On the second day of Christmas, we answered lots of questions about cleft lip and palate as part of our information service, providing reassurance for those who have just received a diagnosis for their baby.
  3. On the third day of Christmas, our trained Peer and Parent Support Service volunteers provided a listening ear for parents/carers and adults to chat through their worries, concerns and questions.
  4. On the fourth day of Christmas, our monthly online Coffee Club brought parents and carers together to discuss important topics, giving them the opportunity to meet and gain support.
  5. On the fifth day of Christmas, we ran an online event for young people, giving them the opportunity to chat to others going through similar experiences in fun environments.
  6. On the sixth day of Christmas, our virtual parties brought families affected by cleft together.
  7. On the seventh day of Christmas, we answered questions from adults wishing to return to treatment, providing information to help them make the decision that is best for them.
  8. On the eighth day of Christmas, parents/carers and adults shared their thoughts, photos and stories on our online Facebook support groups.
  9. On the ninth day of Christmas, our monthly Cleft Talk podcast on topics adults told us were important to them, helped us to share important information about cleft care and support in an accessible and engaging way.
  10. On the tenth day of Christmas, our research in collaboration with the Centre for Appearance Research helped to inform improvements to cleft care.
  11. On the eleventh day of Christmas, the stories on our website, shared by parents/carers, adults and young people, helped to provide inspiration, strength, reassurance and comfort to those who read them.
  12. On the twelfth day of Christmas, our social media pages and #DailySmile post raised the voices of those affected by cleft in the UK and helped to show others that they aren’t alone in whatever they might be feeling.

Our services always keep our small team very busy! We know it’s sometimes hard to imagine what your fundraising can achieve, so here are some examples:

£3.50 – Could buy a pack of specialist feeding teats, included in a Welcome Pack for new parents/carers

£10 – Could pay for two MAM Soft specialist feeding bottles

£40 – Could fund a Welcome Pack for new parents/carers, providing the feeding equipment and information they need to bring their baby home from hospital

£100  – Could help us plan and run our monthly Coffee Club on topics ranging from diagnosis to surgery

£200 – Could train a Parent or Peer Supporter so they can provide comfort and reassurance to other families and adults affected by cleft

Thank you for supporting CLAPA this festive season.


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