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“I want to do everything I can to help raise awareness so that other parents won’t feel as lonely and unsure as I did.”

Public ignorance about cleft lip and palate is a huge challenge facing thousands of new families each year. Awareness Week is a chance to make ignorance of cleft a thing of the past.

Help us spread the word, share your story with #mycleftjourney this May, and remember – the smallest act like clicking ‘share’ or even liking a post can have a big impact!

If you’ve got your own story to share, get in touch to add it to our Your Stories tag, or share it with your friends, family, school or workplace to help make Awareness Week personal.

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Step Up for CLAPA

March CLAPA Connect

The best way to raise awareness is through sharing your cleft journey with the people you know. Taking part in ‘Step Up for CLAPA’ is the perfect way to do this!

After a very tough few years, our fundraising income just isn’t recovering as fast as we need it to. We’re a small charity, and we rely on your support to fund our services. Awareness Week gives us a boost that helps us keep going all year round, but this only works if everyone who can get involved does get involved.

It doesn’t take much – even just a few pounds raised really does add up! If you’re able to, please join the ‘Step Up for CLAPA’ campaign by creating a fundraising page, using our simple template to tell your story, and sharing this with your friends, families and coworkers.

You can start educating others and raising money in minutes – start here!

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Due to changes with Facebook Frames, our usual profile picture frame isn’t available this year. Instead, you can download this image and make it your profile picture for the week to show your support. Make sure to add a comment or post to explain why you’re supporting Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Week!


Look out for a post on Saturday 7th May that you can share on your Instagram Story to tell everyone why you’re supporting Cleft Lip and Palate Awareness Week.

You could also download the logo below and make a photo collage to share your cleft journey with your followers. Don’t forget to tag @clapacommunity!

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Download the Awareness Week 2022 logo below to make your own photo collage to share during Awareness week.

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