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    London School Supports CLAPA with Summer of Events

    30 Oct 2012

    Wanstead High School in North East London have had a busy year raising almost £3,000 for three different charities nominated by their pupils.

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    An Adventure in Suffolk

    19 Oct 2012

    CLAPA Camp Adventure By Jenny Lancaster It is very nerve-wracking going somewhere you haven’t been to before, I admit: curiosity certainly killed my cat. But I knew that I was in for a good time –just look at all the new friends I made and you’ll see what I mean!!

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    Top Twelve Uncertainties About Cleft Revealed

    15 Oct 2012

    On behalf of the Steering Committee of the James Lind Alliance Cleft Priority Setting Partnership, we are pleased to announce that the list of the ‘Top 12 Uncertainties’ about cleft lip and palate has been finalised using input from individuals living with a cleft, their families and clinicians.

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    Songs for Speech and Language Therapy

    14 Mar 2012

    Speech and Language Therapists from the Spires Cleft Team have developed two songs for pre-school children which are particularly useful for children with a cleft palate who may be undergoing early intervention therapy for their speech.

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    Jemma’s Story

    13 Feb 2012

    My pregnancy was being hijacked! It wasn't the enjoyable experience I would have liked in fact it made me feel very depressed and angry I often wondered ‘why me?’ but I had to pull myself together as it wasn't just the OC and cleft to worry about, I had my beautiful little girl to look after.

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    Jayne’s Story

    13 Dec 2011

    Jayne's dad was born with a cleft lip, but it didn't cross her mind that it might affect her own children until her son Charley was born and she discovered he had one too.

  • Jessica at 6 months old with mum Marianne

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    Marianne Ryan’s Story

    18 Jun 2011

    These early days were incredibly difficult as my husband and I struggled with her condition. She couldn’t use many of the things we had bought for her, such as car seats, bouncers and baby slings. This sounds so trivial now but was heart-breaking at the time as we realised that we had a baby with special needs.

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    Sarah’s Story

    13 Mar 2011

    We fell in love with everything about Lucas, his cleft just made him more unique to us.

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    Leah’s Story

    2 Feb 2011

    Although she did look very different and her cleft was very wide she had beautiful big blue eyes and lovely wisps of fair hair, she was perfect to me.

  • Archie, Aged 7, Stars in Children In Need Music Video

    30 Nov 2009

    Archie, aged 7, from Eastbourne, who was born with a cleft lip features in a Children In Need music video which is being released on DVD on the 7th December.