The School Years - FACT SHEETS

Our Fact sheets contain useful information for parents relating to your child's school years, and are an introduction to the psychology, orthodontics and speech and language therapy services


CLAPA would like to thank the hospital teams, parents and teachers who contributed to these Fact sheets.


The ‘About Me' document is designed for parents to complete and give to their child's teacher / SENCO each year. If you would like to provide your child's teacher with more detailed information about cleft lip and/or palate please contact us for a free copy of our publication Children Born with Cleft Lip and Palate: The School Years.


About Me

The School Years - An Introduction to Psychology

The School Years - An Introduction to Orthodontics

The School Years - An Introduction to Speech & Language Theraphy 

The School Years - Rights, Legislation and Useful Contacts


Need to talk?

We have parent contacts available throughout the UK to support families affected by cleft lip and/or palate.

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Feeding Equipment

We have a range of bottles and teats available for you to purchase online or by mail order.

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